White Ass

Performance Hull

Retro future glide. The White Ass is a modern intepretation of a simmons hull where a slighly more performance oriented tail with a double concave spiral vee is carefully blended with the hull in the nose to get you a ride with more drive than on a traditional Simmons hull.

The tucked in tail with a pronounced pivot point just in front of the quad fins generates performance off the tail with less “wait and see”. Ride this board short and you are long on effortless speed and glide with a twist.

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EXPERIENCE: Novice to Pro.
IDEAL WAVE: Recommended from knee to head high.
RIDE THIS BOARD: 4-6″ even 8″ shorter

CUSTOM ORDERS: We will email within 72 hours (we might be surfing) to confirm/consult with you about your custom order before we put the board into production.

5’0″20″2 7/16″28L
5’2″20 5/8″2 5/8″30L
5’4″20 7/8″2 5/8″33.5L
5’6″21″2 3/4″36L
5’8″21 1/2″2 7/8″38L

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Retro Tint

PU foam with tinted polyester resin for a more traditional look and feel. The glass job is a bit heavier and the color tint gives the board a decisively retro futuristic character. Made in USA with worldwide shipping available. Glassed by Santa Cruz Board Builders Guild, one of the very the best in the West. Comes with Meyerhoffer 8.5″ Flex Fin by Futures.

AVAILABILITY: Available for pickup at our showrooms in Montara and Santa Cruz or with world wide shipping at additional cost. Please visit the shopping cart for shipping cost. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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White Ass Color Chart




The colors are shown on Slip In. Hipster White is so new we don’t have a picture. It’s kind of yellow looking like it’s old.

CUSTOM ORDERS: We will email you within 72 hours (we might be surfing) to consult with you about your custom order before we put the board into production.